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the picture above was taken at a meeting of the Sudanese Fellowship in January 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona

Share Your Multicultural News With Us

  We are looking forward to hearing about the Christian multicultural churches, fellowships and groups that are meeting in various places.  We hope to hear from you soon and see some pictures of the work that is being done in the name of the Lord.

Above you see Bonnie Meadows preaching to the Sudanese Christian Fellowship of Las Vegas

World Christians 
in America 

Immigrant Christians are God's gift to America for spiritual renewal.

   All across America, and indeed throughout Europe and in other places around the world, there are fellowships of Christians meeting together to celebrate God's grace to them and to worship their creator.

   On our Multicultural page we provide some pictures and stories of people from various fellowships. Please share your stories and pictures so that we can let others know about groups where fellow Christians  might come to worship.

   Tell your friends about this web site, too, so that we can nurture one another. We will be providing a sermon in English each week for your fellowship to use in worship. Use the sermons and worship plans we provide to enhance your worship experience if you wish. If you need a worship leader, let us know. Let us share information with one another so that we can grow strong in faith and service to our Lord.

    We will also be providing leadership training materials and other information through this web site that will help you and your congregation prepare for Christian ministry. Let us know what you need.

    Our future hope is to create a foundation to help provide pastors and training  for the Christian fellowships we discover. You can donate financially to this foundation now.

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