Season of Lovers

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Season of Lovers
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Season of Lovers 

    Discover the joy of developing your sensual self 
from the verbal and visual images of Mary Carol Lewis

 Hawaiian Surprise            


Surrounded by beauty,

Heart breaking


That captures the soul

And holds it hostage,

And pummels it

With fragrant flowers,

And gentleness of spirit,

Brilliant sunlight,

And a flashing sea.

from Season of Lovers 

The Editor's Choice Award

September 2003  
for outstanding achievement in poetry, 
and Mary Carol Lewis' work appears on the opening page of Colors of the Heart.

Readers Comments about Season of Lovers ~

"Mary Carol Lewis has given an authentic voice to the single life. Her willingness to search honestly, remain open and find hope are written on every page. You witness and experience the coming into the fullness of the self. A tribute to a life of all kinds of loving."
— Ginger Sullivan Schneider, MA,  CGP

"I applaud you for your efforts in addressing the needs of single adults. Keep up the good work. Congratulations. The more the merrier."
— Terry Hershey, author of the best-selling book, Beginning Again and


"Season of Lovers is a thoroughly enjoyable and vivid reminder of the restorative power of nature, the freedom of imagination, and the eloquence of the written word."

¾ J Chamberlin


During my alone time 

I have had many lovers:

Among them the mountains,

The streamside, the sea. 

There were many surprise meetings 

And gentle moments, 

Joyous pleasures and 

Soft reverie with someone special. 

But always, always 

There was the gracious love 

Of the One who created 

The beauty that surrounds me,
The One who knows me best. 

So that all in all, I know 

That truly, truly I am loved. 
Thank you for calling me your Beloved.



Driving Thoughts
The incredibly beautiful music in my ear
Brings my thoughts passionately to you.
Who are you – this man that haunts my dreams
And takes my thoughts on a rampage:
Running gaily through the meadow
When there is work to do?
I want you in my arms
And against my body.
I want to take your head in my hands –
My fingers long to run through your hair,
Grab a wad and pull gently until you squeak.
I dream of brushing my lips against your cheek
Searching for something more.
I discover your ears
And begin searching them with my tongue.

Upon Waking
My passion is a raging stallion.
Neighing wildly, it wants to run free, to mount.
Its eyes are glazed over a roaring fire –
Hot within.
Well the writer said, "It is better to marry
Than to burn."
I am burning, burning deep within.
Silence dampens the embers like ash.
Why do people want to put out my fire?

It is not good?
It is burning in a spirited being
Standing sentinel in an evening meadow
That has just escaped from a glowing sky.
Is it not beautiful? Should it not be free?

Season of Lovers


This 140 page book contains beautiful images, insightful entries from the personal journal of Mary Carol Lewis, delightful quotations, and original art by Cathryn Stephens. 
This enchanting new book was published in February 2003. 
 You can order Season of Lovers from You can also order directly from


An excerpt from the Book:

        Nature Lovers

I am like a waterfall,
Magic, effervescent, 
unbounded and free,
Cascading wildly 
down the side of a mountain
That understands 
the capriciousness of time.
Endlessly caressing the one I call 
my lover.
Our bond is secure – 
secure and ever-changing,
Fresh as the new buds of spring.

Mountain majesty, my lover,
Standing in royal splendor 
over the plain
Veiled in clouds and mystery
Producing vibrant new growth
From things deeply rooted within,
Holding jeweled treasures in your inner heart:
Beauty, challenge, otherness, hope.

Hold me in your arms.
Shelter me in your mystery.

from Season of Lovers by Mary Carol Lewis


To My Beloved:

Waiting for true love to capture you

and hold you close,

Creating yourself anew 
so that you can live graciously

in relationship with someone

who opens the inner heart to your love,

You are still a sensuous person.

All your senses are alive –

And keeping all your senses alive and well

is the challenge that is put before you.

Alone time is a season 
full of tempestuous storms 
and quiet reverie.

These are the notes from my sojourn 

in that season.

May they bless you in your journey.

"Through the collected writings of this book we discover the journey and the connection that love has – with second glances, chance moments, and the beauty of being alone atop a mountain – knowing that you are not alone and that all of this was created so that you may know the true meaning of love. We find that the love of God and all that he offers – nature, compassion, harmony with the earth, bravery to be alone – are simple and available. Season of Lovers tells us that relationships change like the seasons, and that we must change: by becoming more forgiving, discovering that we can trust God, and coming to know ourselves more completely."  
J Ellingsworth


from Memory Beach

The Purpose

I come to the sea to meet my lover.
And he comes too,
Worshipping as I worship at this glad hour.
But he has his own thoughts, 
his own plans.
He is sharing ideas with the universe
At this threshold I call memory beach.
He is quiet: thinking, murmuring, questioning, longing.
I know not what is in his mind.
But I honor his time alone with this point
On the earth’s doorway
Which he holds more sacred than life.
And it is teeming with life.
The sea gulls draw life from the ocean,
their playground
And their succor: their source.
They call and cry overhead,
And they dispute territory on the shore.
There is endless beach, 
but still they cry and worry.
There will soon be young ones to feed.
There will soon be new life on the shore.
And the beach is teeming 
with sea creatures –
I right a young horseshoe crab, 
about the size of my thumb,
And he aims his baby waddle 
back to the sea
Whom he calls mother...


I think of the marvelous shiny smoothness 
of my car after bathing and buffing 
to polished splendor, 
The smell of fresh-turned earth 
when I've spent a day in the garden, 
The "song" of the frogs on the evening 
before a cold front invades 
their watery community, 
The poised neatness of the stack of papers
for the project - completed at last, 
The melting taste of meatloaf 
served in the kitchen by someone in love, 
The sensuous movement of a pet, 
The radiant face of the person receiving the bouquet the giver smelled on the sly.
Ol' Noah (the lexicographer, 
not the one with the sailing zoo) 
was right when he wrote that sensuous
is a word meaning "pertaining to the senses."

I find favorites in the glorious multiplicity of gifts and joys that please the senses:
A bunch of late summer wild flowers or a gift 
from the garden - or road-side stand - 
A walk in the woods, or the country, 
or on the seashore, 
or in the mountains or even in the neighborhood 
Provides a wealth of surprises and delights: 
The neighbor's new delphinium, 
The tiny red bits on a woodland moss 
in full "bloom," 
A mockingbird singing 
its joi de vivre to the sky, 
A curious cow protecting her stringy calf, 
The endless roar of the ocean, 
The feel of the wind in my hair, 
The cool retreat into shelter, 
The ecstasy of an eternity of time 
on a cliff overlooking darkening beauty - 
What better gifts than these?

Readers Comment:

"It evoked in me a bigger sense of my own humanity and the enjoyment of life and gratitude 
for the subtlety and gentleness of my own inner and outer experiences in living. 
Thanks for being transparent enough to allow others to read your thoughts in verse!" 
— Kristi Maddox


"Your thoughtful book, Season of Lovers... expresses the feelings of other singles. 
I pray that writing those words also brought you pleasure and peace."
—Lucy Marsden-Hottle


     Woods in Summer

I am alone – and yet not alone.

I hear no voices, 
but the sleepy birds in nearby trees

And a watchful dog in the distance

Are making their small noises.

The summer crickets 
surround me with their whir,

And some animal provides 
a cadence to the snare.

The insects move about quietly

on the rocks and leaves

Without making a sound –

Yet they are all around.

A shaft of sunlight 
breaks through the open woods

And lights a stone –

As if it were the Stone of Destiny.

What is my destiny, I wonder?

If I knew my destiny, 
how would it change my life?

The low stream water sweeps

around the mossy rocks

Softly, gently – hardly making a sound.

The summer drought 
has softened its voice,

But can never silence it.


Season of Lovers is also available from 




My kitten likes to sleep in the sunlight.

Even in late June he finds a board in the garden

which is splattered by some cedar chips.

He plays for a while, and then he winds himself up

and stretches himself out again.

He purrs for a while, then he sleeps in the sunlight.

He does not care about the news.

He is not concerned

about all that is happening under the Sun.

He is not thinking about the meaning of life.

He is simply enjoying the warmth of the sun.


My children enjoy playing in the sun.

They spend long days enjoying its brightness

and the shadows it creates for cooling off.

They shout for joy as they run and play on the grass

it draws out of the cold, silent earth each spring.

They are not interested in information on sunlight.

They have no desire to know about photons

and neutrons and light particles and pulsars.

They do not seek lessons on how worship of the sun

has affected human history.

They just want to play in the sunlight.


My heart rejoices in the sunlight.

My heart welcomes each bright new day

(each one fresher than the day before)

With songs in the garden.

I notice that the garden flowers lift their heads

and open their beauty to receive its radiance.

They rejoice with me and sing their silent joy.

I am not concerned about the allegories

the sun brings to mind

as it affects our experience of life.

I’ll just go outside and sing in the sunlight.


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