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Single Adults are Very Special People

   Single adults are a very valuable part of our community. From the very beginning of the Singles Network, our goal has been to promote the health and welfare of all individuals.

   We have provided on this website several articles and suggestions, as well as ideas for meeting other single adults to help you to meet that goal and to increase the joys in your life. Click here to read articles for Romance, Health, or Intimacy. We also have articles that are Inspirational, Spiritual, or Seasonal. Check them out when you have a chance.

  We encourage all visitors to actively participate in local groups and churches which provide them with opportunities to do things they enjoy and grow healthier emotionally and spiritually. In addition, there are several groups and churches that provide support and direction specifically for single adults. Find them and share with us what you have found.

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Sources for Single Adults in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area 
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The third week in September has been designated as National Singles Week. Are you celebrating?

The singles community makes up about one-third of the US population and is full of vibrant, active, talented people. When Bonnie Meadows joined this community in 1993, she began seeking ways to promote networking between people and groups within the singles community. The Singles Network Newsletter, Singles Network web page, and the Network4Pilgrims web site are some of the results.

In all her work Bonnie Meadows conveys, "Through the development of understanding, you can live in peace and happiness; and by experiencing wonder, you can know joy." Enjoy this web site and share her vision.

Season of Lovers: Discover the joy of developing your sensual self 
from the verbal and visual images of Mary Carol Lewis

An Image from Season of Lovers 

Special Book for Singles!

Season of Lovers is the book that has singles talking. It was published especially for you.    
Purchase a
copy of  Season of Lovers through New edition available now!

Season of Lovers
Absorb yourself in nature and the beauty of your sensual being by taking the journey through aloneness with Mary Carol Lewis. Her visual and verbal images will delight you and bring a sense of harmony to your experience.

One reader has commented that "Season of Lovers describes the very essence of love – particularly Eros, the most sensual aspect. True enjoyable erotic love is not something impersonal – but something beautiful between two caring people."

"Such beauty! Such art in words! So smooth to read and savor. Hope many others experience the joy, the struggle and the comfort of your words--written from your heart. Thank you for including us in your journey."
-- F Bradley

provides a free personality profile and lots of fun opportunities to meet nice folks. Check them out by clicking on the hyperlink above!


Would you like to send a free electronic celebration card to someone special? Go to

Check out the Network4Singles Humor page.


Press Releases


July 2004 

Season of Lovers: Discover the Joy of Developing Your Sensual Self was presented at the American Book Exposition in Chicago in June 2004, with over 500 participating booksellers and publishers in attendance. On June 12-14, 2004 Mary Carol Lewis read from her book at  the Canadian Book Exposition in Toronto, Canada. She signed free copies of the book and visited with the many single adults who came; they are the audience for whom the book was published. More copies of her book were available at the Texas Library Fair in October 2004 in Austin, Texas.

For a free review copy, contact Stephanie Robinson at (1-866-308-6235, ext. 26). Copies of Season of Lovers can be purchased from as well.

October 2003 

On October 11, 2003 Mary Carol Lewis read from her new book, Season of Lovers: Discover the Joy of Developing Your Sensual Self at Borders Books and Music in  Fredericksburg, VA (757-425-8031). The illustrator of the book, Cathryn Stephens, was present to participate in a discussion of some of the topics of interest to single adults, the audience for which the book was published. Area leaders in the singles community will also participate in the discussion. There were several door prizes for participants.

On October 25, 2003 Mary Carol Lewis and Cathryn Stephens made a similar appearance, with readings from the book and a discussion at Borders Books and Music, 2904 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge, VA (703) 897-8100.

In September 2003, Ms. Lewis received the Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding achievement in poetry for "Hawaiian Surprise," one of the poems that appears in her new book. The prize was awarded for "unique perspective and original creativity" by the International Library of Poetry.

February 2003 

BookSurge is proud to announce the publication of Season of Lovers: Discover the Joy of Developing Your Sensual Self by Mary Carol Lewis (ISBN 1-59109-426-7)

Discovering the Sensual Self

Season of Lovers was created to enrich the reader's venture into self-improvement and personal growth. it is not a 1-2-3 method book, but instead the author takes the reader by the hand and leads you through the garden and on to a mountain path, encouraging you to stop and smell the roses, or pet the cat, or listen to the children, or shuffle through the colorful leaves, or walk barefoot in the wet grass...

Season of Lovers is not as poignant as "Alone, alone, all, all alone. Alone on a wide, wide sea!" It is however, designed for the person who is living, or seems to be living, alone. Those of us who are alone are sensorially deprived. We experience very little touching. Many of us spend years without a kiss, months without a hug, and often long days without a friendly touch or a quiet time with someone we love.

The verbal and visual images in Season of Lovers sweep the reader from the present environment and delight you with reveries beside a warm fire with someone special, on the seashore with wind in the face, walking through the mountains, and on through life. Mary Carol Lewis tells the reader what women want and what women are thinking. There are breathtaking moments of delight and sensual times of loss, joy or disappointment. All events and comments, however, lead the reader to discover a richer, deeper appreciation of the self and the beautiful world in which we live. Have joy! It's all around you!

Season of Lovers is available from and Order from Stephanie Robinson at or (1-866-308-6235, ext. 26).

November 2002 

Regarding Season of Lovers, Terry Hershey (author of Beginning Again) writes, "I applaud you for your efforts in addressing the needs of single adults. Keep up the good work!"

In November 2002 Singles Network Press ( published it's new book, Season of Lovers (ISBN: 1-59109-426-7) by Mary Carol Lewis. One reader has commented that "Season of Lovers describes the very essence of love – particularly Eros, the most sensual aspect. True enjoyable erotic love is not something impersonal – but something beautiful between two caring people."

A 140 page paperback is delightfully easy to read. Each page presents a topic sensually. With photographs and original black and white artwork, Season of Lovers is a collection of notes from the author’s personal journal which have been arranged seasonally to tell the story of being single in a sensuous world. Instead of being a method book, the author takes the reader by the hand and leads you to fully enjoy the world around you, and the beautiful self within.

No one can guarantee that they will always have someone special – but everyone can choose to participate in the delights of life every day. Single adults spend a lot of time alone. They often do not have the opportunity for sensual experiences and expression that they long for, but Mary Carol Lewis relishes her memories of past joys and rejoices in the many sensuous experiences that are readily available.

The author discovers many lovers who can absorb her passion until her life is once again focused on the one whose love she seeks to share. Each experience is a positive one, but in the short-lived romances described in the book, the author discovers physical, emotional and relationship issues that drain energy from the experience. Always, however, there is recovery, and in the end the writer dances by the sea.

Season of Lovers details topics that single adults are afraid to talk about, but which are an integral part of their daily experience: loss, fleeting joy, passion, sensuous experiences, loneliness, sexuality, love.

All of the readers of Season of Lovers have been delighted by the book. Men say that they enjoy the sensuous descriptions and the information about a woman’s deepest thoughts. They envision themselves as the Lover. Women see themselves as the protagonist and report that they find encouragement to grow in positive ways and to nurture themselves and others. Without giving any advice, Mary Carol Lewis demonstrates through her own experiences how to turn a time of loss into confidence and loneliness into hope.

Season of Lovers is available from and from the publisher at, where additional information about the book and its author is available.

If you want to know more about the book, read the information published at and the Season of Lovers page of this web site, or contact the publisher.


About the Author of Season of Lovers

Mary Carol Lewis is the pen name of a free-lance writer who lived in Northern Virginia and whose work  appeared often in the Singles Network Newsletter. Season of Lovers is the first book she has written for the general public. A divorced mother of three, she holds a Master’s Degree in human development. Ms Lewis has published articles and been invited to address several singles groups on topics such as "Intimacy," "Forgiveness," "Loneliness," "Spiritual Awakening," and "Learning to Love." She is a cancer survivor and has navigated many ups and downs of life with a positive attitude and a sense of wonder.  She can be reached through Singles Network ( or Bonnie Meadows, director of Network for Pilgrims, 6800 Westgate Blvd. #132-105, Austin, TX 78745.

About the Illustrator

Cathryn Stephens is the free-lance artist living in Northern Virginia at the time of publication. Her original black and white artwork graces the new book Season of Lovers. Ms Stephens has spent many hours in artistic projects with her son. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and was an art teacher for Fairfax County for many years. She can be reached through the publisher.

About the Publisher

Singles Network Press published a monthly newsletter for single adults from 1996-2004. Focusing on emotional, physical, spiritual, social and intellectual health and well-being, the newsletter--and now this Singles Network web page-- provides humor, insightful articles, and resource information.

In 2003 Singles Network Press published its first book for release to the public, Season of Lovers by Mary Carol Lewis. This 5 ½ x 8 inch trade paperback has 140 pages insightful entries in poetic prose, beautiful images from the camera and the artistic brush of Ms Stephens, and inspiring poetry and quotations. It is priced for retail sales at $12.00. Based on journal notes, the collection is arranged seasonally to tell the story of a single woman in a sensuous world. Season of Lovers contains several beautiful examples of original black and white artwork by the new artist Cathryn Stephens.

Bonnie Meadows, the founding director of Network for Pilgrims and Singles Network is listed in the 1999 and 2000 edition of Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs and in Who’s Who in the 21st Century. The editor of Singles Network Newsletter from 1996-2004, she has also led inspirational seminars. As a publisher, editor, writer and professional public speaker, her focus is on relationship building and personal growth. She is now pursuing similar goals and preparing to become a Presbyterian pastor.

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