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"Flowers are God's thoughts of beauty 
taking form to gladden mortal gaze.
If a flower can bloom and grow in difficult circumstances, so can you. But you will need 
God's help, just as each flower does.

"How the universal heart of man blesses flowers!  They are wreathed round the cradle, the marriage altar, and the tomb.  They should deck the brow of the youthful bride, for they are in themselves a lovely type of marriage.  They should twine round the tomb, for their perpetually renewed beauty is a symbol of the resurrection.  They should festoon the altar, for their fragrance and beauty ascend in perpetual worship before the most high."

Mrs. L. M. Child

The Network for Pilgrims is dedicated to providing information to anyone who is interested in improving their health and well-being in the areas of physical, social, spiritual, emotional or psychological growth. Read some of the articles below by clicking of the button at the top of that section.

Romance and Relationships


* Fishing & Hitchhiking
* Dating: Second Time Around
*What are You Looking For?
* 8 Dates to True Love
* Red Chips Playing
*Ending a Relationship


* California Wild Fire
*  Insight
* Living in a Gift 
* Of Time and Scheduling
* Princess was a Nuisance
* Jenny Wrens
* Priceless Gifts
* Fighting Words
* When we do not Know How  to Pray
* Time
* Faith

Intimacy & Personal Growth

*What Makes Love Last?
* Intimacy
* Forgiveness
* Learning to Love
* Loss



* Awakening 
* Departures & Beginnings
* Creative Potential
* If God Really Loved Us
* Longing for Peace
* Waiting for God's Promises
* Power and Innocence
* Scarred for Life



Seasonal Topics

* Summer
* Graduation
* Forth of July
* Thanksgiving
* Christmas
* The Day I Touched the Manger
* Singles Holiday Survival Guide
* Christmas Parents
* The Man Nobody Knows
* Winter
* Crisis
* Easter


* 5 Day Detox Diet
* Low Impact Aerobics
* Massage


"Is it possible for a rose to say, 'I will give my fragrance to the good people who smell me, but I will withhold it from the bad'? 
Or can the tree say, 'I'll give my shade to the good people who rest under me, but not the bad ones'?  These are images of what love is all about. Love is available to everyone, like light in a room. Focusing on what you
don't have causes unhappiness 
and creates feelings that you do not have enough love ."
-- from Awareness: The Peril by Anthony deMello, Indian Priest and Philosopher

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More excerpts from Autumn Secrets

Some excerpts from a book on nature's gifts, Season of Lovers by Mary Carol Lewis

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